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Continuous Professional Learning

Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) is a challenging, motivating opportunity for RPPs to further build their particular skill set at a pace that matches Ontario’s rate of constant change. As lifelong learners, professional planners are committed to staying ahead of planning issues and trends, and maintaining that knowledge and experience. CPL supports Candidate and Full Members in their goal to stay current, with information about changes and developments in the Profession, innovations and leading practices, offered in Courses & Events, Digital Learning, the Planning Exchange Blog and OPPI’s publication, Y Magazine.

Please note CPL is a requirement for Candidate and Full Members only.

OPPI Planner Competency TreeThe Core Competencies, within the two realms of Functioning and Enabling Competencies, are the focus of all CPL courses and resources, a direct reflection of the knowledge, skills and attitude required of RPPs to affect community change in the public interest during their careers.

CPL requires the completion of 18 Learning Units annually:

  • One Learning Unit equals one hour of direct planning-related learning (with some exceptions)
  • A minimum of 9 Learning Units must be structured
  • A maximum of 9 Learning Units may be self-directed
  • Up to 9 structured Learning Units may be carried forward to the following year subject to the completion of the minimum nine Learning Units

Below are some supporting resources and tools in developing an empowering and enlightening CPL Program:

  • The CPL Program Guide, which provides details about the program, learning activities and units and their formats which include conferences, workshops, self-directed activities and more
  • The Learning Strategy and Your Learning Path, to keep up to date with your learning unit credits and to stay on track with the development and maintenance of your core competencies throughout your CPL
  • A FAQ sheet for answers to any questions that you may not have found above