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The Legislative Corner

excess soil regulation and amendments to record of site condition regulatory changes finalized 

The Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) is pleased to inform members that they have finalized and are implementing regulatory changes that will make it safer and easier for industry to reuse more excess soil locally and to redevelop brownfield properties.
They have clarified rules that will reduce construction costs associated with managing and transporting excess soil, limiting the amount of soil being sent to landfill and lowering greenhouse gas emissions from the sector, while continuing to ensure strong protection of human health and the environment. 
This regulation supports delivery of actions in Ontario's "Made-In-Ontario" Environment Plan including reduced barriers to redevelop brownfields, clear soil reuse rules and improved enforcement of illegal dumping of excess soil. It will:  

  • recognize excess soil as a resource;
  • set clear rules to increase reuse opportunities and reduce soil relocation costs, including reuse standards;
  • reduce clean excess soil going to landfill as waste;
  • lower greenhouse gas emissions associated with excess soil movement; 
  • protect human health and the environment; 
  • ensure compliance related to soil management and reuse; and 
  • remove specific brownfields redevelopment barriers.
This regulatory package will come into effect on the following timing:
  • Brownfields redevelopment amendments: upon filing;
  • Excess soil provisions related to more flexible reuse rules, waste designation and approvals and the new excess soil standards would come into effect in July 2020;
  • Aspects of the excess soil regulation related to sound soil management planning (e.g. sampling, tracking and registration) and the requirement related to carrying a hauling record, would come into in January 2022;
  • Restrictions on landfilling would come into effect in January 2025 allowing time to ensure alternate reuse approaches are available, as needed.
The ministry appreciates all of the interest and input we have received on this regulatory package. For the final Decision Notice, please visit the Environmental Registry, EBR# 013-5000. For additional information on the finalized regulations and associated materials, including educational materials as they are developed, please also see MECP's Excess Soil and Brownfields web-pages.
Please pass this along to colleagues, members of your organization, and other organizations that may be interested.  
If you have any questions or would like to discuss, please contact Laura Blease, Senior Policy Advisor, Environmental Policy Branch at (416) 722-9194 or

bill 138, plan to build ontario together act, 2019, Schedule 

As part of Bill 138, the Plan to Build Ontario Together Act, 2019, there are two scheduled changes that members will be interested in:
  • Schedule 25 proposes an amendment to include rules about recalculating property taxes when there is a change to the permitted uses of land.
  • Schedule 31 proposes an amendment to set out a process for a person or public body to appeal a community benefits charge by-law to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal.
For more information on this bill and others before the legislature, please visit the Ontario Legislature's website.

Provincial policy statement review - proposed policies

Over the summer, the provincial government sought feedback on proposed changes to the Provincial Policy Statement (PPS). The government is consulting on proposed changes to the Provincial Policy Statement to support the government's Housing Supply Action Plan and other land use planning related priorities. The government is proposing policy changes to:

  • Encourage the development of an increased mix and supply of housing
  • Protect the environment and public safety
  • Reduce barriers and costs for development and provide greater predictability
  • Support rural, northern and Indigenous communities
  • Support the economy and job creation
OPPI submitted its response to the proposed changes, and they can be read on OPPI's website. The comments provided by OPPI are intended to address the proposed areas of changes and offer suggestions on how RPPs can further assist to achieve the government's intentions.

ontario government introduces bill 70, the registered professional planners act

On February 19, Chief Government Whip and MPP Lorne Coe introduced Bill 70, the Registered Professional Planners Act, 2019 in the Legislature. In addition to its introduction, Bill 70 has passed First Reading. 


On Thursday, February 28, MPP Coe introduced Bill 70 for Second Reading and it received unanimous consent from the Legislature. The bill has now been referred to the Committee of General Government. Members interested in reading the Hansard transcript from Thursday's session can visit the Ontario Legislature website, or members can view the debate below. 

Members should continue to visit OPPI's Legislative Corner webpage for more information and updates as they become available.

Recent Policy Submissions

As the voice of the planning profession, OPPI provides advice and counsel to various levels of government. OPPI brings together members with specific expertise to respond to proposed provincial regulatory and legislative changes, and other initiatives. OPPI has recently made submissions on the following items:

Included in these submissions are references to previous OPPI submissions. Members will be able to click on the links embedded within the letters to access these documents. 

For more information on these and previous OPPI submissions, please visit our Policy Submissions webpage

Calling all RPPs!

The Ontario Government is updating legislative regulations related to the planning profession, and they need your feedback.

Many of the regulations being reviewed and open for comment directly impact the work you do each day. It is vital for Queen’s Park to hear from you, the Registered Professional Planner community, to better inform decision-makers and make a continued effort to provide the knowledge, expertise and skill you offer.

Below are links to the regulations related to the legislation listed above that will have an impact to the planning profession moving forward, and that are open for public comment. Members are being asked to provide their feedback directly to each related Ministry on the legislation you would like to comment on.

Please see the specific legislation and regulations for review, and the deadline to submit your input.

Legislative Regulations Deadline to submit input
Proposed revisions to Ontario's Independent Forest Audit Regulation under the Crown Forest Sustainability Act February 18, 2020
Drainage Act Discussion Paper  February 18, 2020
Connecting the Southwest: A Draft Transportation Plan for Southwestern Ontario  March 17, 2020
Proposed amendments to Ontario Regulation 244/97 and the Aggregate Resources of Ontario Provincial Standards under the Aggregate Resources Act  March 30, 2020