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Policies and Protocols


The Institute speaks with one voice at the provincial and local levels. To ensure consistent messaging, OPPI has a communications policy and protocol.

Have you been contacted by a reporter? OPPI can help you prepare to comment on planning issues for newspapers, magazines, Internet sites, radio or television. Contact Loretta Ryan, Director, Public Affairs at (416) 483-1873 ext. 226 or 1-800-668-1448 or

Disclosure of Business Continuity Plan

In accordance with OPPI policies, we want to make you aware of our disclosure of business continuity plan in case of emergency.

Guidelines for Sponsorship and Use of Logo Protocol

OPPI has policies and guidelines for Sponsorship and the use of the OPPI logo. This policy ensures a consistent approach to sponsorship and protects the use of the logo.

Privacy and Security

OPPI values and respects the privacy of personal data on members. The Institute's  Privacy and Security Policy covers the collection of data, security, third party access to data, and the use of the OPPI website.