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OPPI joins the canadian council for aboriginal business

To further demonstrate OPPI’s commitment to positive relationships with Indigenous Peoples and communities, we are pleased to announce that we have joined and become members of the Canadian Council of Aboriginal Business (CCAB).
CCAB is a national member-based business organization. They drive business opportunities and enable sustainable relationships. Their members include Aboriginal businesses, Aboriginal community owned economic development corporations, and companies operating in Canada.
CCAB is non-partisan and receives no core government funding. CCAB's Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) certification program recognizes and supports continuous improvement in Aboriginal relations. OPPI has joined with the eventual goal of obtaining the PAR designation.
One of the recommendations from the OPPI’s Indigenous Planning Perspectives Task Force (IPPTF) report encourages embedding Indigenous perspectives into the Institute. With the eventual achievement of the PAR designation, this action will help address this recommendation.
For members interested in learning more about the CCAB and the PAR designation, please contact