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Standing Committees

Four standing committees help Council fulfill its governance responsibilities:

Executive Committee

Comprised of the President, Secretary/Treasurer and the President Elect, and is directly responsible for finance and audit committee functions, risk management and human resources matters.

Governance & Nominating Committee

Is made up of RPPs with a majority drawn from Council; it is responsible for the nominating process, including standing committee chairs, governance education development and evaluation processes. Responsibilities of this standing committee include reviewing and making recommendations concerning Council policies and by-law changes. The Governance and Nominating Committee assists Council in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities regarding the effectiveness of governance and in the development and succession-planning for Council and its committees.  

Professional Standards & Registration Committee

Comprised of RPPs and is responsible for professional standards development, oversight and impact assessment, Continuous Professional Learning standards; and adjudicating on membership application issues at the request of the registrar. It delegates a representative to the Professional Standards Committee providing Ontario-specific insight concerning existing practice standards.

complaints Committee

As the provincial regulator for Registered Professional Planners in Ontario, OPPI has a responsibility to uphold and enforce a Professional Code of Practice to protect the Public Interest. In instances where a member of the public believes a member of OPPI has violated the Code, they are encouraged to file a complaint. Complaints received by the public are handled by the Complaints Committee, made up of Full members of the Institute and a Public Interest representative.
Under OPPI’s Bylaw, the role of the Complaints Committee is to review all complaints filed by the public against current members of OPPI. Generally, the Committee will carry out an investigation of a complaint. This investigation does not suggest “guilt” or “innocence,” but its purpose is to gather relevant information about the matter. Once the committee’s investigation is complete, the Complaints Committee will decide what action(s) are appropriate in accordance with Section 2.11 of Appendix II of OPPI’s Bylaw. The Complaints Committee may opt to dismiss the matter, issue a warning to the member, refer the matter to the Discipline Committee for a hearing, or other appropriate measures.

Discipline Committee

Comprised of Full members, it operates at arm's length from Council and makes independent decisions regarding complaints and discipline cases within the scope of its mandate. It is delegated the authority to investigate complaints against OPPI members, determine if there is an apparent infraction as benchmarked against the Professional Code of Practice and assess discipline options as appropriate pursuant to the Discipline Committee Rules of Practice and Procedure. If you would like to receive a copy of the OPPI Discipline Committee Rules of Practice and Procedure and the Complaint Form, please request it here . Commonly asked questions about the discipline process are answered here.

For more information on the volunteer members who serve on the four standing committees, please visit our Volunteer Wall.