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oppi becomes key supporter of one ontario collaboration to streamline data and information exchange

The Ontario Professional Planners Institute (OPPI) is pleased to sign on as a supporter of the One Ontario initiative. One Ontario is a research and development initiative engaging all levels of government, architecture, engineering, planning and construction (AEC) companies, software providers and academics. The goal is to create innovative data exchange guidelines to harmonize the municipal development approval process. The resulting communications protocols will dramatically decrease permit application times, improve enforcement and reduce burden costs to every municipality.

There are many benefits to the proposed One Ontario initiative for Ontario’s Registered Professional Planners (RPPs) and those who work with our RPP members. For municipalities, and municipal planners, it means improved efficiencies, reduced costs and enhanced application quality. For AEC companies that work with OPPI members it means faster development reviews, and increased certainty and productivity. 

“Being at the table as a supporter of One Ontario will ensure planners continue to have a voice in the development of communities across Ontario,” says OPPI President Justine Giancola, RPP. “We have learned a lot about the critical nature of technology as a means to efficiency throughout the planning process over the past six months. This opportunity allows us to think beyond the recent use and focus on the potential so members can continue to inform choices as communities evaluate, plan and prepare for life beyond the current pandemic crisis.”

Arash Shahi, CEO of AECO says, “OPPI's participation is significant. Planners have a vital role in the development of communities across Ontario. Having Registered Professional Planners at the table with building officials through OBOA, and developers through RESCON, will drive the change needed to future-proof the development approval process in Ontario.”

About One Ontario
One Ontario is a collaborative program established by AECO Innovation Lab - whose aim is to establish a set of provincial guidelines for data and information exchange during the development approval process. This framework will be aligned with regulatory requirements set by the province and will be driven by technological tools and advancements within the AEC industries - including web-based GIS applications, BIM tools and automated code compliance checking algorithms.

About the Ontario Professional Planners Institute (OPPI)
OPPI is the recognized voice of the Province’s planning profession. Our over 4,600 members work in government, private practice, universities, and not-for-profit agencies in the fields of urban and rural development, community design, environmental planning, transportation, health, social services, heritage conservation, housing, and economic development. Our student members attend accredited undergraduate and graduate planning programs at six Ontario universities. Members meet quality practice requirements and are accountable to OPPI and the public to practice ethically and to abide by a Professional Code of Practice. Only Full Members are authorized by the Ontario Professional Planners Institute Act, 1994, to use the title “Registered Professional Planner” (or “RPP”).

About AECO Innovation Lab
AECO Research and Development unites business expertise, research talent and financial resources to build innovative standards and technology driving digital transformation across all AEC industries and government. AECO Start-Up Studio and Consulting Services strive to transform the best ideas into disruptive technology solutions applicable across the entire AEC value chain.