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OPPI Anticipates Post-Pandemic Solutions With New Strategic Plan

The Ontario Professional Planners Institute (OPPI) is pleased to share a new, three-year strategic plan called INSPIRE: OPPI Strategic Plan 2025 that will guide the Institute’s activities and apply to all of 2022, 2023, and 2024.
The intention of the strategic plan is to look ahead to what planning will/might/should look like in 2025, and how OPPI can advance the profession by setting professional planners up with the right tools to create robust, responsive, and actionable post-pandemic solutions.
“The increasing complexity of the times we live in requires that our Institute continually adapts to be a leading voice in the future of our province and our profession,” says Paul Lowes, Registered Professional Planner (RPP) and OPPI Council President. “I am excited about the opportunities INSPIRE: OPPI Strategic Plan 2025 offers to advance our RPPs, our Institute, and the public’s understanding of our role in managing growth in our communities.”
This work comes at an extraordinary time. Research conducted during the strategic planning process painted a picture of an increasingly challenging context for professional planners. While planners are called upon to address broad issues such as climate change and housing affordability, as well as equity and social justice, they are also challenged by regulatory changes, succession planning, local development issues, and more.
“We are living in a historic moment of change and Registered Professional Planners have an important role in guiding that change to ensure it sets future generations up for success,” says Susan Wiggins, OPPI Executive Director. “How we define the next few years, post-pandemic, will be marked by our strength, compassion, and resilience.”
Given the evolving role of planners, as well as overlaps with other professions, it is important to bolster the RPP for greater recognition, status, authority, and trust. With this strategic plan, OPPI will elevate and promote the RPP designation across a broad spectrum, including those who might pursue it, and those who work with, employ, or engage with RPPs in various ways, including the public.
Learn more about INPSIRE OPPI: Strategic Plan 2025.