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Statement on National Indigenous History Month

Official Joint Statement with the Canadian Institute of Planners,
Provincial and Territorial Institutes and Associations, and Professional Standards Board

June marks National Indigenous History Month – a time to recognize the First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Peoples who have stewarded these Lands known to many as Canada for time immemorial. It also creates an opportunity for us to honour and celebrate the diversity of Indigenous knowledge systems, cultures, languages, governance structures, and kinship models that continue to exist today.

As the voices of the planning profession, we acknowledge the responsibility that we have to the unceded, unsurrendered, and Treaty Lands of Canada. We recognize that we have much to learn from Indigenous ways of knowing and being in order for Registered Professional Planners (RPPs), Licensed Professional Planners (LPPs), and equivalent fully certified members to practice planning in an inclusive way. National Indigenous History Month reminds us of our commitment to ongoing learning through our connection to the Land and the beings who make their home on it. We encourage all our members and partners to dedicate time this month to strengthening their relationships with the Indigenous Peoples of their territory and find meaningful ways to incorporate Indigenous knowledge systems into their planning practice.

For National Indigenous History Month, and all year long, we encourage our members and our organizations to actively participate in reconciliation through listening, learning, and engaging in respectful relationships with the Land and with each other.